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BERTHO marine model & Die Cast model maker in Nantes, FRANCE

At BERTHO, for over 30 years, we offer a full model making service. With an eye for detail, budget and turnaround, we can produce exceptional industrial, conceptual and scale models quickly and cost effectively utilising a combination of modern CAD design and human manipulation, through all forms of modern CNC technology, rapid prototyping, finishing and trimming techniques. We are even expert in French traditional hand craft skills if warranted for use!

The quality of your presentations is highlighted and your customers are reassured. Every day, we work to earn your trust.

Our experience in the realization of any kind of model and our technical know-how are at your disposal at the best cost.
Our delivery deadlines are fast, we know how to be effective.

Since a couple of years, we invested in a die cast model company: ID VOLUMES.

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Nantes, France